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Sony a6000 now records XAVC-S

The Sony a6000 now records video in XAVC-S format with firmware 2.00!

A huge step up from the “previous” AVCHD. This really puts the a6000 in the big boys legue. The video was good, but now its even better.

Software update 2.00 – download here!

Here is what sony writes about the new firmware update 2.00:

Improvements over version 1.20:

  • The startup time is shortened
  • Adds support for recording movies in the XAVC S format that supports high bit rates (NTSC: 60p/30p/24p PAL: 50p/25p)
  • When recording a movie in the XAVC S format, you must use a Class 10 or faster SDXC card.
  • If you format the memory card, all of the data will be erased. Please make sure that the data on the card is backed up before formatting the card.

Benefits provided by previous updates and included in version 2.00:

  • Improves camera function and provides picture improvement for the new lenses (SEL35F14Z, SEL24240, SEL28F20, SEL90M28G)
  • Improves the power-on time after downloading the Smart Remote Control application of the PlayMemories Camera Apps™.

Software update 2.00 – download here!

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