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Short intro to shooting S-Log2 with Sony a7S

Shoot S-LOG 2 with the Sony a7S

!! Please do extensive testing before using S-LOG 2 for a paid gig !!

When shooting in S-LOG 2 (PP7 / Picture Profile 7) the native ISO is 3200, which means that you will need a lot of ND filtering to use it outside in bright daylight.

Above is a short and very unscientific example of ungraded and graded recording from the a7S.

1. Picture Profile: Switch to PP7 (check the picture gallery for directions)

2. Aperture: Set the desired aperture

2. Exposure: Set the exposure, using the ISO button, so you get M.M +2.0 in the bottom of the screen. Dont go more than 2 stops over, since you will start loosing texture in the brighter areas of skin.

3. Zebras: some use 70% and make sure to they don’t show up on skin highlights, some use 100% and make sure they never show up at all.

4. White Balance: set the right white balance

5. Start shooting

I use Color Finale to grade the footage and apply a LUT. I use AriLutsDELUTS from James Miller or Osiris from Vision Color depending on which look I want.

Switching to PP7 and S-LOG 2

Color Finale and AriLuts

My favorite products for the a7S

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  1. Hello Claus,
    When you use the shogun you need to trigger a bit the PP7 profile:
    Saturation +6, Color phase +5, Color depth R+2, and of course detail -7
    Following the wolfcrow-system with right textures is to focus you on the subject and get the right overexposure at +2 to +3 stops. I bought his course about the A7S, but you can discover the SLOG2 system for free on the net. Do not be afraid of nicely blowed out hyper whites, it is filmic.
    A very precise white balance is an absolute necessity (the NISI varND works perfect)
    In the shogun and in FCPx (with color finale) I use the LUTs of Alister Chapman (filmic2 and filmic3 over 2 mostly used and over 3)
    It works perfect, tested out intensively the 72 hours.

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