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MOZA 3-axis camera gimbal/stabilizer Review

The Moza Gimbal has arrived – ongoing review!

Monday the 16th 2015 was the DHL guy rang my doorbell and “forced” me to receive the a large heavy package from China. It was the Moza:

I liked the Mozy gimbal from the moment I took it out of the case. I have a Came-7800, but this gimbal is in another league. The case os nice, the solid foam is laser cut to perfection and everything is packed neatly, with a few compartments for extra stuff.

11041455_10153143360747748_1614195566_nAfter a really short setup the Mozy Gimbal looked like this. It was actually a matter of attaching the handle, the wireless monitor and the wireless thumbcontroller. More on these to later.

Attached a Sony a7S camera with the Sony Zeiss 16-35, and after a short balancing I was ready to try the Moza gimbal out. Not a very cinematic or fancy video, but it really shows the strength of the Moza. Much more stable than my Came-7800, even when walking down stairs to our back yard. See the Virgin Voyage in the sidebar…

March 20, 2015

Moza-gimbal-Bodhi-Visuals-29Gimbal tuning stand

Since I bought my first gimbal I dreamt of having a little more flxible stand. This wish has come true now. The top of the Moza Gimbal stand can be detached and be used on a regular (stable) stand.

Had to try this out today. The top detatches bu unscrewing the big thumbscrew and taking it of. Very simple. I can then be mounted on a lightstand like you see in the picture on the left. I really like this.

The 3 minute setup…

Once its balanced the Moza Gimbal is really easy to setup out of the suitcase. Only 3 minutes and 20 seconds and you are good to go on location. Awesome!

Real life test with the Moza

Wanted to take the Moza out for a real thing. The oportunity came sunday when we started filming a documentary with the danish working title “Den blinde vinkel” (The blind angle).

The Moza just performed. Awesome. Really short setup since the gimbal has been balanced and is still balanced when comming out of the case. We filmed with the Sony a7S and the Sony Zeiss 16-35 lens, since this combo has proved itself well. We get awesome picture quality and great autofocus which is nice on a gimbal. The wireless thumbcontroller has start/stop recording for the a7S and lets either the gimbal operator or a second person control pan and tilt of the gimbal.

Here is a short extract from the shoot…


After weeks of use and testing I must say that the Moza lives up to my expectations. It’s stable, REALLY easy to set up and the features with wireless HDMI, thumb controller and the versatility is all great.

The only downside is that it’s heavy. It comes in at 3.2 kg, 1 kg lighter than the Ronin. I Use it with an Atlas Camera Support which is a good solution. The good thing about the weight is that it’s probably also the reason for the stable image you get out of the Moza.

Virgin voyage after a really short setup:

Jeg vil gerne bestille en Moza




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