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Long battery life BMPCC?

Bodhi-Visuals-bmpcc-skier-cageLong battery life BMPCC?

Here is the solution for long battery life for the BMPCC? The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera batteries really suck. Here is how you get more power. Check this.Everybody knows that Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera really sucks when it comes to battery life. But there is a solution which is pretty easy and gives more than 20 times the battery life of the standard EN-EL20 battery.

The solution is a USB battery powerpack with 2 usb outputs and 1 switchable 9/12v output and an adapter cable from 2.35mm to 0.7mm which goes into the BMPCC.

Sony NP-F battery solution BMPCC

A second option is Sony NP-F compatible batteries and the battery plate from Ansso which converts to 12v. Please note this is shipped from China! For this solution, you still need the 2.35mm x 0.7mm adapter cable listed above.

This solution doesn’t give you as much power, but might be a bit more handy for you.

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