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Ex-pro 7600 mAh battery pack for Sony a7S

Ex-pro On-The-Move 7600 mAh battery pack – power Sony a7 & a6000 or similar cameras (with the NP-FW50 batteries) for +5 hours on 1 batterypack with 8.4v DC and 5v usb output.

Sony’s a7 and a6000 or similar series does suffer when it comes to batterylife of the NP-FW50 batteries. When I shoot with either my a7S and my a6000, I do carry plenty of batteries. They seem to last about an hour, which is NOT very good. The battery grip for the a7S (VG-C1EM) does double the batterylife, but also adds quite a lot in size and is not good when shooting on a rig.

I have a solution (Thanks for the tip Simon Conroy from Amberfilm) which will power your a7S or a6000 for +5 hours straight.

It’s the Ex-pro 7600 mAh battery with a dedicated Sony FW-50 battery adapter with a spiral kabel (1 m when stretched).

I have stresstested it and can sy it will definately hold op for +5 hours in normal shooting conditions. It’s light and feels very sturdy.

It comes with a benlt bag and 1 adapter with a battery dummy which slides right in and replaces the regular battery. The cable has a spiral cord and it fits nicely through the lillte latch in the battery door of the Sony a7s or the a6000 cameras.

Picture number 7 (right hand side of this page) shows the Ex-Pro® Sony On-The-Move 7600mAh Rechargeable Battery Power System with my a7S and the CYP-4KS scaler hooked up to it.

Conclusion: this battery pack comes heavily recommended and there is no doubt that I will purchase a couple more, to have as spares in the bag or for days with longer shooting hours.

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  1. I cannot find the Ex-Pro battery pack on Amazon or B&H in the usa. Where is it available?

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