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New full frame and super 35 Sigma Cine lens line for Sony E-mount

Sigma Cine Lenses High Speed Zoom Line


Bodhi-Visuals-Sigma-Cine-Lenses-specifications_hsz-18-35mm-t2_imageT2 brightness throughout the zoom range – Outstanding resolution ready for 6K-8K – These lenses combine top performance with superior compactness.

The High Speed Zoom Line offers a constant aperture of T2 throughout the zoom range, and their outstanding optical performance makes them fully ready for high-resolution shooting in 6K-8K. While offering the highest image quality in their class, these zoom lenses are compact and offer amazing value.

Bodhi-Visuals-Sigma-Cine-Lenses-Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.59.21

Sigma Cine Lenses FF Zoom Line

Bodhi-Visuals-Sigma-Cine-Lenses-ff-zoom-lineBodhi-Visuals-Sigma-Cine-Lenses-specifications_ffz-24-35mm-t2-2-ff_imageFull-frame compatibility and outstanding resolution for 6K-8K shooting.  This lens is ideal for the latest digital cine cameras.

Compatible with a full-frame image sensors, the FF Zoom Line offers the outstanding optical performance required for high-resolution shooting in 6K-8K. An exceptional option for cinematographers, this lens is compatible with image sensors larger than Super 35, now used in the latest digital cinema cameras. This cinema zoom lens combines the highest level of image quality with a compact design.

Bodhi-Visuals-Sigma-Cine-Lenses-Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.59.42Sigma Cine Lenses FF High Speed Prime Line

Bodhi-Visuals-Sigma-Cine-Lenses-ff-high-speed-prime-lineThe image quality of a high-end prime lens. Full-frame compatibility—yet compact. Introducing a complete lineup of fine lenses.

Bodhi-Visuals-Sigma-Cine-Lenses-ff-high-speed-prime-line-overviewRanging from 20mm to 85mm, the entire lineup is T1.5. These five prime lenses are compact, offer full-frame compatibility, and rival high-end prime sets with their superior resolution. Allowing users to shoot a variety of cuts without lighting changes, the FF High Speed Prime Line meets all the demands of professional movie creation.

Bodhi-Visuals-Sigma-Cine-Lenses-Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.58.57Se more here:  http://www.sigma-global.com/en/cine-lenses/

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